Publishing House

The mission of ESPOL Publishing House is to promote, spread, divulge, distribute, and commercialize the results of artistic or academic activities generated at ESPOL, and in allied institutions, through quality editions and co-publications that will generate a high quality editorial fund. ESPOL Publishing House is responsible for the publication, diffusion, dissemination, commercialization, and distribution of publications generated by the personnel that develop academic and artistic activities in ESPOL and by other national or international institutions that are dedicated to academic or artistic themes, that do not lose sight of the objectives of sustainable development. This publishing house will systematize the intellectual production that arises from research areas, connections with society, classroom reflection, as well as research groups.

ESPOL Publishing House is ruled by its regulation, which controls the normative framework for the implementation of the Publishing House, and also determines the processes of organization, planning, development and spreading of publications and any others that may be required.

Reglamento editorial de la ESPOL

In order to start the process of evaluation and selection of works of major relevance, the staff that develops academic or artistic activities in ESPOL, or any professor of ESPOL who wishes to publish a text-book with the brand "editorial ESPOL + logo", must submit to the Editorial Committee the formal request according to the formats and requirements established by the referred Committee. Authors of major relevance works outside ESPOL, native or foreigner, may also submit to the Editorial Committee requests for evaluation and selection of works of major relevance.

Once the work has been received by the Publishing House Director, an evaluation process will be carried out, which will include internal and external blind peers that will produce observations and recommendations, with the purpose of admitting the work for review by the Editorial Committee. This process will be established in the regulations issued by the Editorial Committee. Also, if deemed appropriate, the Editorial Committee may not accept the proposal, if it does not meet the conditions set forth in these Regulations and the rules and regulations issued for this purpose.

Requisitos para presentar propuesta de publicación

Formulario para propuesta de publicación de obra terminada

Formulario para revistas ESPOL

Declaración de responsabilidad de autoría individual

Declaración de responsabilidad autoral colectiva

Formulario informe de originalidad

Carta de cesión de derechos de autor

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