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We constantly work to ensure the well-being of our students, teachers, and administrative staff. In this sense, we develop, coordinate and supervise projects and services that contribute to creating an appropriate environment for academic and work activities

Our Library Information Center has a central library, located next to the President´s office, and sectional libraries around campus.

In our sectional libraries you can find bibliographic material specific to the areas of knowledge of each faculty.

On the other hand, in our central library, the polytechnic community, in support of its academic and research activities, can access services such as:

  Research Advisory Services
  Training in the use of scientific databases.
  Computer labs.
  Common study area.
  Loan of cubicles for academic activities.


From our website you can access:

  Consultation of bibliographic material.


  • From ESPOL thesis, through Dspace
  • From other universities in the country, through CEDIA.
  • From the SRI.
  • From the Ombudsman's Office.

Review of books in digital format:

  • Subscribed.
  • Basic reference.

Access to subscribed scientific databases:

  • Subscribed
  • Testing
  • Free access
  • Videos of previous trainings.

Access to digital libraries.

  • Subscribed
  • Temporary Access.

For more information, visit our website: www.cib.espol.edu.ec


Telephones: 2269200 - 2269202
Email: servcib@espol.edu.ec


Academic Counseling is a pedagogical resource through which our professors accompany and advise our undergraduate students during their training process, guiding them on curricular issues and monitoring their progress until the completion of their study plan.

Each student has an assigned counselor (teacher), with whom they talk during an appointment scheduled through the web platform www.consejerias.espol.edu.ec

During the Counseling meetings, the teacher and the student jointly review the student's academic progress. The teacher recommends the subjects to be taken in the next academic term and also advises on time management, autonomous work, sports practice, and participation in extracurricular activities that enhance the student's comprehensive education.

Contact: decanatodegrado@espol.edu.ec

Support: consejer@espol.edu.ec

Through our Polytechnic Welfare Unit, we are in charge of guaranteeing the integral welfare of the entire polytechnic community; students, professors and other servants; through the coordination and implementation of services, programs, plans and projects focused on topics such as:

  Medical and psychological care of the polytechnic community.
  Allocation of scholarships and financial aid to students.
  Promotion of rights.
  Prevention and treatment of addictions.
  Monitoring the quality of food services at ESPOL.

We also seek to "improve the capabilities and potential of citizens" and "improve the quality of life of the population", both objectives of the National Plan for Good Living.

We encourage and promote the practice of sports in order to promote a healthy lifestyle to the entire community. It is worth mentioning that this campus has one of the best sports infrastructures in the region.

We analyze the socioeconomic factors of students, and how they affect academic performance, so that the information obtained serves as input for the optimization of institutional strategies for the welfare of the most vulnerable groups in the institution.

In addition, we comply with the provisions set forth in Article 86 of the Organic Law of Higher Education, LOES.

At ESPOL, food service is provided by 21 concessionaires, including dining rooms, cafeterias, bars, and kiosks, which are distributed throughout Gustavo Galindo Velasco campus and are regulated by our Polytechnic & Student Welfare Unit.

However, due to the current context, in which almost all classes are held virtually and a large part of the administrators and servers are working remotely, only one cafeteria has been operating on campus in recent months, respecting biosafety regulations...

Routes and Buses

ESPOL transportation service is operated by the General Services Directorate of ESPOL Polythecnic University. At present, the service is provided for the displacement of administrative, academic and service personnel with several routes to and from the Gustavo Galindo Velasco campus.

With the progressive return (face-to-face) that is being given to the institution's laboratories, there are transport units making internal tours of the campus. In addition, prior coordination, transportation is assigned when the units require technical visits for academic or institutional activities.

More information: servgene@espol.edu.ec




BICIESPOL is an alternate transportation service that includes a free bicycle loan model within the Gustavo Galindo Velasco Campus.

There are more than 130 bicycles available for the exclusive use of the polytechnic community.

Inside the campus there are two stations, one at the main entrance and the other, located next to the Rectorate building. The route comprises 2 kilometers.

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