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We cooperate with society. We combine their skills and experiences with the academic knowledge and innovations that are developed in our classrooms and laboratories. In this way, we generate practical and sustainable solutions for the problems of the communities.

As part of these actions, our students carry out their pre-professional community service practices, that is, they design projects and prototypes whose implementation contributes to improving the quality of life of citizens. Between 2013 and 2021 alone, more than 70,000 people directly benefited from 329 projects that the polytechnic community carried out through our Linkage with Society Unit.

Currently, we concentrate our efforts on 7 institutional community service programs:

University social responsibility program: social innovation for comprehensive sustainable development


We use the specialized knowledge possessed by each career offered at Espol to attend to specific problems in priority attention sectors close to Espol. In this way, we develop projects with a social responsibility approach, such as the redesign and retrofitting of electrical installations in precarious housing, education in the use of renewable energies in secondary schools, and the design of mobile applications to reinforce learning in schools, to which are added various p

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Program Sustainable Development Goals


AHA! science park


AHA! Science Park is the first interactive science center in Ecuador and the only place for future scientists and engineers that are offered in the country to date. Its objective is to awaken interest in science in children and train a new generation of researchers from an early age.

The park has various interactive and scientific games and fun experiments that teach about chemistry, physics, calculation, and engineering, among others; with artifacts whose raw material is natural and organic.

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Program Sustainable Development Goals


Hospital excellence


Focused on improving the quality of health services offered to vulnerable groups, we carry out multidisciplinary projects such as the design and implementation of integrated information and industrial safety management system at the León Becerra Hospital, as well as the improvement of care to patients at the Guayaquil Specialty Hospital “Dr. Abel Gilbert Ponton”.

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Program Sustainable Development Goals


Strengthening of sustainable development in Santa Elena


Carried out in cooperation with the Municipality of Santa Elena and the Parish Government of Manglaralto, this program consists of projects to improve sanitary conditions, feasibility studies for land use, acquisition or improvement of water collection, development of skills and productive capacities, among others, developed in the communes of the Manglaralto parish.

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Program Sustainable Development Goals


Protected Forest La Prosperina


The Program developed in the La Prosperina Protected Forest, located on the Gustavo Galindo Campus and its surrounding areas, aims to contribute to the conservation and enhancement of the forest's biodiversity in a technical, participatory, and efficient manner through the development of projects and strategies that position it as a heritage and natural attraction, as a natural laboratory that promotes environmental awareness and education.

Within the framework of this program, we develop projects such as the creation of interactive and educational video games on caring for the environment, the construction and operation of a network of acoustic sensors, and the implementation of autonomous stations that provide technical and logistical support to activities in the Protected Forest.

To learn more about the projects carried out in our forest, visit http://www.bosqueprotector.espol.edu.ec/

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Program Sustainable Development Goals


Strengthening of sustainable development in precincts of Santa Lucíaa


This program arises from the need to contribute to the sustainable development of the associated agricultural areas. Based on the problems identified, we work in collaboration with the communities in order to mitigate environmental impacts, protect hydrological resources, promote the sustainability of agricultural production, diversify the local economy and contribute to the well-being of the population.


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Program Sustainable Development Goals


Free UVS care center


We carry out projects that contribute to capacity building through the development of productive skills and community training. Likewise, training is provided in accounting and tax advice for micro-entrepreneurs, and recreational activities for children and adolescents.

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Program Sustainable Development Goal