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International Cooperation and Agreements:

International cooperation is carried out through the management of ESPOL staff and their peers in foreign institutions, with the aim of generating new knowledge that allows the solution of problems of national, regional and global interest.

At ESPOL we have more than 130 international agreements with different institutions around the world, which help strengthen our bilateral relations and joint work in research, continuing education, innovation and academic mobility.


International agreements and cooperation networks allow our students to carry out student mobility in a foreign university, obtaining benefits such as:

  • Improvement of linguistic skills.
  • Expansion of academic and personal horizons.
  • Learning about different cultures and societies.
  • Development of the ability to adapt to new and complex situations.
  • Access to a wider range of learning and study opportunities in the desired field.

ESPOL has unique characteristics to carry out a student exchange program aimed at foreign students. Its large campus, with almost 700 hectares of tropical dry forest, has libraries, cafeterias, internet access and Wi-Fi, several soccer, tennis and volleyball fields, a swimming pool, gyms and student residences, providing an appropriate environment for an extraordinary academic mobility experience.