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Continuing Education

In the Center for Continuing Education of ESPOL we offer training, updating and improvement programs to professionals and organizations in the productive, public and private sectors of Ecuador, ensuring excellence in the teaching-learning process, research, culture, ethical values and development of the entrepreneurial spirit according to the reality of each organization.

ESPOL's wide network of international relations allows access to the best alliances to offer the best training, following the current standards of the national and international market in order to respond to the demands of the working world.

Continuous Education was founded in 1982 and has always stood out for being at the forefront of training. It currently holds the ISO 9001:2015 Certification granted by Bureau Veritas (EC228572), is recognized in the People Certification Management System, as a Conformity Assessment Body (EOC) of the National System of Professional Qualifications of the Ministry of Labor of Ecuador. It is an active member of the Continuing Education Network of Latin America and Europe - RECLA, participating in the Sustainability Commission.

We have a specialized academic team to provide an effective response in the design of training and learning experience to independent professionals through our open programming; to private and public organizations in corporate programs (In Company), designing and developing training solutions aimed at serving a wide range of organizations in all areas of engineering, business, technology and people development.

Open training

We offer workshops, seminars, courses, programs and diploma courses of national and international specialization, implemented with our faculties of ESPOL and in alliance with foreign universities and centers that are at the forefront in various areas of knowledge; in addition to other events and conferences to the general public. We have face-to-face, virtual on-line and asynchronous modalities, as well as mixed modalities to best meet the requirements with designs tailored to the needs of our users.

Corporate Training

We provide exclusive training services to companies and organizations in the public and private sector; civil society and international organizations, according to their needs with customized designs. Our great polytechnical capacity allows us to offer both nationally and internationally, comprehensive programs that address from essential skills to the most technical, through the use of laboratories and practical methodologies that strengthen training in business management, management and organizations.

Training advisory services

To all organizations, we support them in detecting training needs and elaborate a customized design according to the specific requirements of each institution so that they can implement and execute their own annual or specific training plans and programs.


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Main Contact

Email: educon@espol.edu.ec

Cell: +593 960507588

WhatsApp: http://bit.ly/EducacionContinua-ESPOL


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It is served through our virtual platforms of the Foundation for Polytechnic Extension - FUNDESPOL in on-line modalities, Asynchronous and special study tours that can be operated by our center and the foundation. For more information from the region, please contact us at:

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