Special Coastal Economic Development Zone, ZEDE


The Coastal ZEDE is a Special Economic Development Zone, a customs destination with tax incentives to attract local and foreign investment. This project contributes to the generation of new companies and quality employment, it contributes significantly to the development of an industrial pole of innovation in the city and the Coastal region, because there is no future without innovation.

The Coastal ZEDE is of a technological type and industrial diversification, it promotes innovation and production of new products or services. Since October 18, 2018, it has been qualified by its Administrator, granted by the Ministry of Industries and Productivity.

The Coastal ZEDE is spread over 200 hectares in the Gustavo Galindo Campus of ESPOL; it provides access to qualified human talent and research centers in cutting-edge knowledge areas, geographically it is 10 kilometers from the Guayaquil airport, 21 kilometers from the Maritime Port and 115 kilometers from the next Deep Water Port of Posorja. The strategic position of the Coastal ZEDE in Guayaquil facilitates the export and import, sea and air, of equipment, raw materials and products, on a global scale.

Learn how to belong to Coastal Zede at: https://www.zedelitoral.ec