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The Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, ESPOL, has established the development and dissemination of high-impact research and innovation for society as one of its strategic objectives . To this end, ESPOL generates and transfers research oriented to the industry's demand and its innovation. ESPOL encourages scientific production of impact and increases the raising of non-reimbursable external funds for research and innovation activities.

Programs and projects

ESPOL has permanently generated scientific knowledge, contributing to find solutions to problems in society. This is evidenced in research programs and projects, under the modalities of seed projects, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary groups, and in collaboration with national and international actors, according to the latest scientific trends in the world.

Priority areas

To generate and transfer research oriented to the industry's demand and its innovation, ESPOL establishes its priority areas of research, considering the challenges, threats, and opportunities presented by the country and the coastal region. Our researchers continuously participate in processes of inquiry and reflection on current and future lines of action. Based on this, we have established nine priority research areas. These are Supply chain and logistics, Digital technologies, Sustainable and innovative industry, Economic development, Agricultural and aquaculture production and their transformation, Environment, climate and disaster risk reduction, Health, well-being, and human development, Education and communication, and Energy efficiency, renewable and alternative energy.

Research units

To achieve increase, volume, and impact of scientific production, ESPOL encourages its professors, researchers, and students to form part of national, regional, and international research networks. We have research centers focused on the study of specialized areas, as well as research groups and laboratories aimed at generating tangible and intangible products resulting from research, development, and innovation projects and activities.


At ESPOL we have contributed to the creation of an environment and conditions that promote research and innovation through the development and strengthening of institutional capacities that include the access of its professors, researchers, and students to an adequate infrastructure for the development of research activities and innovation.


As a result of its programs, projects, and other research and innovation activities, ESPOL generates research, development, and innovation products such as: indexed scientific publications, patents and other types of intellectual property registrations, and industrial prototypes.


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