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Ecology and Evaluation of Aquatic Systems
Aquaculture Sciences and Fisheries
Coastal Marine Tourism and Sustainable Development
Acquisition, Modeling and Intelligent Analysis of Data (AMAID)
Bioproducts from Algae (BPA)
Chains of Value in Agrobusiness
Materials Science and Engineering
Quality Control and Actuarial Mathematics
Energy Efficiency and Reneweable Energy in Guayaquil (E.N.E.R.G.Y.)
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small and Medium Businesses
Chemical and Biological Study of Bioproducts (ESQUIBIO 2)
Radiation Physics
Marine and Coastal Geosciences (GMC)
Research Group in Mobile Communications (GICOM)
Research Group in Bioengineering
Sustainable Engineering
Integration of Technologies
Food Research and Development " IDEAL"
Río Daule Researchers
Business Processes and Software
Pattern Recognition and its Applications
Sustainable Environmental Sanitation (RAS)
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