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The Innovation Zone of the Ecuadorian Coast, ZILE, is a proposal of ESPOL for the generation and transference of knowledge, allowing the productive sector of the Coastal Region to create goods and services with a high degree of innovation. The main stakeholders in the ZILE are the public sector, private companies, the forefront of the academic world and the population, who together will boost the development of Guayaquil, the Coastal Region and Ecuador.

We are situated in Guayaquil, in the province of Guayas, in the Ecuadorian Coastal Region. Guayaquil is the most populous city in the country, the main maritime port, a trading and financial center; and a magnet for industrial and tourism development,  notably the Guayas Basin, the Peninsula of Santa Elena, the Gulf of Guayaquil and the Coastal Marine Zone, the home of various productive activities with a real potential for innovation and the generation of wealth. Because of this potential, the Ecuadorian Coastal Region is the territorial space with the best conditions to develop the 14 industries prioritized in the Production Model.

Faced with the challenge of transforming the nation’s production and energy model, as well as facilitating the crossover to a knowledge based economy, the ZILE will exemplify the triangle of research-education-production with an emphasis on innovation and technology.

Purposes of the ZILE

  • Diversify the regional and local economy
  • Contribute to the transformation of the productive matrix
  • Increase the opportunities for industrial exports
  • Reduce imports
  • Attract advanced human talent
  • Generate formal employment
  • Strengthen the National System of Science Technology and innovation
  • Attract Foreign Direct Investment in different fields
  • Attract National Investment in various fields
  • Allow companies to incorporate highly qualified professionals
  • Improve the quality of graduate programs
  • Reduce the brain drain of the country
  • Position in the national and international markets our Ecuadorian products, through certificates or seals of quality.
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