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The ESPOL Special Committee invites all individuals and legally constituted entities to take part in the public process for disposal of assets classified in three groups as found in the containers identified by numbers 2, 3 and 4 (list attached), situated in the area of Technologies in the “Campus Gustavo Galindo Velasco", Km. 30.5, Via Perimetral, next to Cdla. Santa Cecilia, Province of Guayas.

The starting price for GROUP I (goods found in container NO 2: US$ 2.908,85 + VAT)

The starting price for GROUP 2 (goods found in container NO 3: US$ 397,41 + VAT)

The starting price for GROUP 3 (goods found in container NO 4: US$ I .837.06 + VAT)

Interested parties may view and inspect the goods included in the offer in the aforementioned place, from WEDNESDAY 20 JANUARY 2016 from 09:00 to 15:30. For this purpose, please contact Econ. Edgar Emesto Bastidas León, Analyst of Fixed Assets of ESPOL (Campus Gustavo Galindo).

Offers may be presented by sealed envelope from 09:00 to 10:00 on TUESDAY 2 FEBRUARY 2016, in the Secretary’ Office of the Committee, situated on the first floor of the Rectorate Building (Legal Consultation), in the “Campus Gustavo Galindo Velasco", Km. 30.5, Vía Perimetral, Guayaquil. Offers should be made by sealed envelope to the Secretary of the Special Committee, and accompanied by 2% of their stated value, in cash, to guarantee good faith; and should indicate the value corresponding to 12% VAT (i.e. the value of the offer and that of VAT should be separately itemized). The interested party, if she/he is an individual, should include in the offer a copy of her or his identity document; or if the party is a legally constituted entity, an individual identity document should be accompanied by documentation accrediting the individual as legal representative of the entity.

Every offer should be without conditions and in cash for the entirety of the goods (3 groups) classified as GROUP I and GROUP 2 and GROUP 3 (see attached breakdown) as found in containers identified by numbers 2. 3 and 4 in the "Campus Gustavo Galindo"; payment in installments will not be allowed, and no offers will be accepted below the stipulated starting price. (The person winning the auction will then be free to collect the goods from the aforementioned place).

On the stipulated date and time, the Special Committee will meet to open the envelopes in the presence of participants, read the offers, qualify them and adjudicate the goods to the highest bidder, who will then pay the outstanding price within the following working day after the opening of offers and notification. If there is a single offer, the Special Committee will analyze its financial appropriacy and if it is considered valid, will adjudicate the offer ensuring that the sale price reflects current market price.

The following are excluded from taking part in the process, whether in their own name or by proxy: anyone who is or has been an employee of ESPOL, their spouses or relatives within the fourth degree of consanguinity or second of affinity.


Ing. Constante Tobalina Dito
President, Especial Committee


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