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In accordance with Articles 18 and 149 of the Higher Education Law; and Article 27 of the Code of Regulations for the Career Path for Teachers and Researchers in the Higher Education System; the general public are invited to participate in the “Process of Pre-selection of Non-Tenured Adjunct Teaching Staff”, for both Full-time and Part-time posts, for the academic period beginning in May 2016.

By means of the online platform at http://www.seleccionprofesores.espol.edu.ec candidates may fill out the application form, attaching the corresponding documentation: this will be available from 3 February to 16:00 on 17 February 2016. 


Sergio Flores Macías

Rector, ESPOL



Those interested may apply in a maximum of two “blocks”, where a block is a set of related subjects. The first requisite that the candidate must supply is a Master’s Degree or recognized equivalent, which must be recognized and registered by SENESCYT, in a field of knowledge linked to the candidate’s activities of teaching or research.



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