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The Campus Gustavo Galindo Velasco is endowed with an exceptional natural environment in its 711 hectares of land. As a “green” campus, it received over 9,000 students in the 27 degree courses offered by the institution. Hence, young “politécnicos” are blessed with surroundings which are ideal for study, research,  sporting and open air activities, the formation of clubs and societies, among other opportunities which form part of their student experience.


Drama, painting, different types of dance and other artistic expressions are an integral part of the life of our Polytechnic Community. Discover the many opportunities for students in ESPOL to develop and experience the culture of our country. 

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Arte y Cultura

Sports are part of daily life for both students and teachers in ESPOL. Every day a wide variety of sporting activities are practiced in ESPOL’s Campus Gustavo Galindo, which is equipped with various cycle routes, lakes, a swimming pool, tennis courts, football, basketball, volleyball and a stadium, assets which combine to make up a first-class sports infrastructure for the benefit of the ESPOL community.

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Deportes y Entretenimiento

For decades, the ESPOL community has maintained a close link with the various population sectors of the city and of the country, offering possible solutions to challenges of wider social relevance. This is shown in the many projects developed by students under the guidance of teachers and tutors through the Unidad de Vinculación con la Sociedad (Unit for Relations with Society) of ESPOL.

The mission of the Unidad de Vinculación con la Sociedad is as follows: to promote, plan and coordinate the relation of ESPOL with wider society by means of programs, projects and services with the participation of teachers and students, offering a sustainable response to the needs of local, regional and national development, ensuring the transference of knowledge, technology and innovations. 


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