Profile of the Current Rector

Profile of the Current Rector


Described by colleagues as a tireless reader of good books, Sergio Flores is a thoughtful decision maker who has prioritized teamwork at every institutional level. Keenly aware of the importance of quality control and of maintaining a fluid relationship with the government, entrepreneurs, development agencies and the national and world academy, Mr. Flores is a visionary whose decisions reflect not only awareness of present concerns but a tenaciously held long-term strategic plan.

He had achieved a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, California. Prior to that, he had received his B.Sc. degree from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, United States.  On returning to ESPOL, he became heavily involved in teaching activities and institutional development. He has been a lecturer, a member of the Polytechnic Council, the Governing Board of ESPOL, the President of the Faculty Association, and creator of the Computer Engineering Program. He served as dean of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computing Sciences, FIEC, and was also director of the Electrical Department of this College. In addition, he has been Vice Rector of the Institution, director of project VLIR / ESPOL (the most Important in the field of research), and Rector for two terms.

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Text: Lcdo. Washington Macías Peña