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The Protected Forest of Prosperina


The Protected Forest of Prosperina is a forestry project led by ESPOL, in its own Campus Gustavo Galindo, enclosing an area which was created to protect and safeguard an enormous area of wealth and biodiversity, especially in flora and wildlife. The forest borders Cerro Blanco and comprises 560 hectares of the 711 that make up the campus of ESPOL. The primary and secondary forest contain specimens of plants such as Ceibo, Balsas, Cocobolos, Cascolos, Palo Santo, Pechiches, Algarrobo, Fernan Sanchez, Pigios, Bototillos, Neem, Guayacanes, among other species.

To ensure adequate protection, the governing board of ESPOL persuaded the Ecuadorian Institute of Forestry and Natural Areas, INEFA, to declare the property of Campus Gustavo Galindo as Protected Forest and Vegetation. The government agency, by means of Resolution No. 0023, registered it as such in the Forest Registry and issued a statement on April 15, 1994, declaring the 540 hectares of dry forest owned by ESPOL as Protected Forest Vegetation. Currently, within the institution, a series of projects are being developed to promote the conservation and sustainability of the protected forest of Prosperina.



This project aims to generate food products for human consumption and wildlife. In addition, future productive capacity is anticipated to cover the development of activities oriented towards forest management and exploitation, as well as the industrialization and commercialization of wood for the domestic and international markets. Its objectives: to create opportunities for study and forestry research in forestry and wood technology, and to reforest the area of protected forest in ESPOL, which will have a positive environmental impact throughout the surrounding area.

Plantaciones Forestales

The forest vivarium is a current project of ESPOL. Its main objective is to produce 100,000 forest plants annually and to supply high quality plants in the required quantity, destined for plantations in the Protected Forest of ESPOL.

Vivero Forestal

With this project, ESPOL seeks to sensitize civil society about the value and importance of conserving natural ecosystems, the diversity of flora and fauna; the interrelationships that govern their behavior and evolution, and the possibility of managing these environments and their resources without destroying the diversity and ecological processes that sustain them.


ESPOL, in conjunction with private enterprise, has enabled more than 1,000 students from various educational establishments of Guayaquil to actively participate in planting 1,000 fruit or timber trees on one hectare of the protected forest of Prosperina . 

The Ecological Footprint is a tool that measures the speed at which the resources are consumed, and the speed at which we generate waste compared to the rate at which nature can generate new resources and absorb waste.

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Within its premises, and as part of the strategic alliances between ESPOL and other institutions, land has been ceded to the following organizations: Special Operations Group, GOE; the Fire Department Training School; a Community Policing unit, the office of the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD; Campus France, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Senescyt.

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